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WinPenPack, un portable software collection opensource

Vi segnalo questa interessante suite di software opensource portatili utili per fare supporto ai personal computer per sistemi operativi Windows.

Ecco i software presenti:

cuments management
SumatraPDF (.pdf reader)
X-LibreOffice (office suite, Microsoft Office open source alternative)
X-SciTE (text editor) 

Personal Information management
X-ANote (sticky-notes)
X-Planner (project management tool)

JPEGView (image viewer)
X-Gimp (image manager and elaboration)

X-FileZilla (FTP client)
X-Firefox (Internet browser)
X-MagicMailMonitor (mail monitor)
X-Pidgin (instant messenger with MSN, ICQ, AIM and much more compatibility)
X-RSSOwl (RSS reader)
X-Thunderbird (e-mail client)

X-Audacity (audio editor)
X-CdrTools FrontEnd (CD/DVD burner)
X-VideoLAN (multimedia player) 
X-xVideoServiceThief (tool for downloading your favourite video clips from a lot of video websites)

p2p - File sharing
X-DcPlusPlus (Direct Connect client) 
X-HttpFileServer (file server, file sharing through web)
X-Mule (p2p)
X-qBittorrent (Bit Torrent client)

X-ClamWin (antivirus) 
X-Eraser (secure and programmable files and folder delete)
X-FreeOTFE (virtual disk creation protected by password)
X-KeePass (store and protect your passwords)

FreeFileSync (folder comparison and synchronization tool)
X-Abakt (backup tool) 
X-DiskCleaner (search and delete for temporary and unvailing files) 
X-JKDefrag (disk defragmentation tool)
X-StartupManager (program that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure)
X-Synkron (allows to synchronize two differents hd or folders) 
X-WinDirStat (disk usage statistics viewer)

X-7Zip (file compressor/decompressor) 
X-AstroGrep (alternative hard disk files and folders searcher)
X-CamStudio (it allows to capture desktop activity and save it as .avi file)
X-Lightscreen (it allows to saving and catalog screenshots in .png, .jpg and .bmp format)
X-muCommander (file manager)
X-StarDict (international dictionary software)
X-UniExtract (allows to extract/show the content of setup.exe files)

EjectUSB (utility to close all programs running from a specified drive and attempt ejection)

GTK+ for Windows
LAME Encoder
Java Runtime Environment (Note: JRE is not included, but it will be downloaded and extracted through JavaGet)

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